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The elderly…a poem

The Elderly
By Lance Landall

Don’t laugh at the elderly, nor treat them thoughtlessly,
For sometime in the future, you too, elderly will be.
Then you’ll know what it’s like, and, much differently will see,
Should any younger than you, treat you just as thoughtlessly.

These older folk you’re mocking, are still young folk deep inside,
Whose attractiveness and youth, their aging skin and muscle hide.
It’s just their outer body, that different makes them seem,
And a gait, that may reveal, they don’t have quite so much steam.

Many spend remaining years living very lonely lives,
Doing their best to manage, minus husbands or wives.
Having sadly lost their spouse, many have less will to live,
Thus, tender care and kindness, the elderly, we should give.

Many of these older folk, have given up many years
To lovingly raise their children, midst difficulties and tears.
They’ve sacrificed and scraped, and spent many restless nights,
And stayed up till their night owls, have returned, and switched off lights.

Sadly, many elderly, unnecessarily are sent
To an old folks’ residence, where their final years are spent.
It seems that there are children, who very sadly send away
Their elderly Mum or Dad, who, with them, would rather stay.

Let’s treat them with more care, for they’ve feelings just like you,
And many of these older folk, can get depressed, or feel blue.
It isn’t always easy, when one’s health declines with age,
And years just like a curtain, glide quicker, across life’s stage.

These folk have much to offer, and much, they’ve contributed,
And much from which we benefit, to them, can be attributed.
So, let’s treat them with respect, and the honour that they’re due,
For without the elderly, there would be no me and you.



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