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Assisted living

An assisted living community is for the elderly who may need extra supervision or help with every day tasks.

Assisted living can be thought of as the best of both worlds.Residents can have the independence they crave with the security in knowing that pesonal care and support services are available should they be needed.Assisted living communities are designed to help residents with every day needs such as bathing,dressing,personal grooming,laundry and some household chores while usually living in their own private apartment.

Although assisted living is less costly than a nursing home,it can still be expensive.Some long term care policies cover licensed assisted living and in some states Medicaid funds and waivers may be available to help with the cost.

Assisted living is regulated state by state and each state has their own policies and regulations concerning the care and services that are required to meet that states standards.

To find out what regulations your state may have go to: http://www.alfa.org/alfa/State_Regulations_and_Licensing_Informat.asp

If you need help in finding an assisted living residence the following website is a great resource tool:http://www.assistedlivinginfo.com/


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