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Everyone wants to feel special, needed and loved.The elderly are no different.

Unfortunately many elderly are placed in a nursing home and forgotten.

In my many years of working in Long Term Care facilities I have seen residents go years without a visit or a phone call from a loved one.It is heartbreaking to see someone alone on Christmas, have their birthday go by unnoticed or to sit and watch as other resident’s family and friends come and go and wonder why no one comes to visit them.

While the nursing staff may try to be both caregiver and friend,the harsh  reality is that much of the time the staff is so busy meeting the physical needs of the residents that there is simply no extra time to have a more one on one type of interaction with them.

Nursing homes are in need of caring and compassionate individuals who would like to volunteer their time to a resident in need.A short weekly visit is all it takes to say that someone cares.For many elderly this is their only contact with a friend and can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship that benefits both the resident and volunteer.

Just reading to someone,playing a game,going for a walk,or taking the time to listen can make such a difference in the life of a resident.

If you would like to become a voulnteer,contact the Activities Director at a nursing home in your area.You can ask to be paired with a resident who is rarely visited and would best benifit from your time.


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