It's your pageGreetings from the all about Elder Care team,

Because of the interest in the blog (thank you!!) my husbaand and I have decided to launch a website dedicated to elder care.

Along with articles,resources for the elderly and those who care for them,we offer caregiver chat-where caregivers can meet,exchange tips and ideas and speak with others who are facing the same stresses and challenges.

We also have senior chat-a place for seniors to meet and make new friends.

Our Q&A chat will be available for webinars and product presentations.

We have an extensive elder care product section as well.

Visit out classifieds section if you are looking to buy,sell,seek employment or hire someone to care for your loved one.

Viewer submissions are always welcome as we love to share in your stories and experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion if you have any questions or would like to see additional information on the site.

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the blog-it is your continued support that drives us to make All About Elder Care a site that is truly yours.


The AAEC team.


9 Responses

  1. Hi, Jodi,
    I used to work as a writer for a home health agency (a visiting nurse association company) and saw then the great work that the visiting staff did. Now that my Mom is living with us, I see the care provided by nurses who periodically need to make home visits at our house, and the care provided by staff in rehab centers and hospitals. End of life times are difficult for the elderly and the families – whether they leave this in a facility and never visit, or stop by every day. The professional caregivers – who make time to listen to the stories as part of their day – are a vital part of the circle of care. Thanks, to all of you.

    • Ive been an advocate for the elderly far a long time..its heartbreaking to see the residents in a care facility being neglected and many families dont realize what is happening to their loved ones.I hope to make people more aware of the needs of the elderly.Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi Jodi,
    I liked your blog. There was interesting things in thre! We live in a village and there are lots of old people and your writing is very knowledgeable.
    Have you written about dementia? My Daddy is starting to have troubles.
    Than you for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks for taking the time to look through my blog.it means a lot to me when someone offers feedback as well.In response to your question about dementia I have posted a blog you may find helpful.Thanks again for visiting!!

  3. Hi, Jodi… I was looking for a way to send this note to you privately but I wanted to share something with you. Among other things, my wife and I perform as singer-songwriters, with Barb writing the vast majority of our material. Over ten years ago, Barb wrote a song that we have recorded called “Something Stole My Mama’s Mind” in the aftermath of my mom’s death. She had suffered not only dementia the last year of her life. Then my dad died. Under the stress of that loss (they had been married for 52 years), the pain she experienced was so great that she simply couldn’t see the light of day. Her grief manifested itself physically through her contracting shingles, coupled with her slipping in and out of psychotic episodes. This song was largely a narrative of that experience. But in this case the story is narrated from the standpoint of those of us who loved her. It may be best described as a lament (like in the Bible). Many have been moved by it by the fact that it gives voice to the immense pain that they have felt in experiencing their elderly parent (or grandparent, or what have you) slip away, leaving them feeling powerless in so many ways.

    In any case, I would invite you to take a listen to the whole song by visiting our MySpace site. Just go to the jukebox player and scroll down until you find the song mentioned above. If you get around to doing so, let me know what you think. (Of course, if you wish you can leave a comment even at the MySpace site.) The link is: http://www.myspace.com/tomandbarbwebber

    Thank you so very much for your blog, and for your working directly with the elderly as a nurse. It is a wonderful service you are doing!


    Tom Webber (aka Texas Tom)

    P.S.: I added you as a link on my new blog.

  4. Thanks for commenting on our blog! We all need to work together to provide the ultimate care experience for both the aged and the caregivers. Our technology is a complementary tool to hands-on caregiving. GrandCare Systems is a bridge between generations, offering the loved one a new window into the virtual world of email, music, video, games, etc without having to learn ANYTHING NEW. Caregivers can remotely monitor and receive alerts about abnormal household activities & vitals. It is NOT a set and forget system and absolutely requires the TLC from family and caregivers – it is a TOOL that families can use to communicate with mom or dad AND with each other!!!

    GrandCare Systems

    • I would like to write a blog about this..would you mind either sending me a link,or some info?Thanks.

  5. It is awesome to see you blogging about something like this!!
    I also work in a care home and you see some awesome people working and other ones who should not be there!
    The elderly are very important and need to have time spent with them!
    There needs to be more awareness on the treatment of the elderly people in care homes but also how absolutely amazing they can be!! It is good to see you are doing something like this!!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog,and also for your words of praise..both mean so much to me đŸ™‚

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