Caregiver Support Chat

We will be meeting in chat again on on Friday evening at 7:00 pm MST. Thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday. We are looking forward to meeting new people so come and join us!!


Work vs Caregiving

Roughly 1 in 6 adult employees are responsible for the care of an elderly family member and with numbers expected to rise over the next decade it poses a real dilema in the work place.

When employees care for an elderly family member it can effect work productivity and in extreme cases force them to quit work altogether.The mental toll is heavy as well,caregiving can be emotional,stressful and time consuming.

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Caregiver Support Chat

Our chat is up and running 24/7. However since we are a new site we are inviting people

 to attend our Chat on Tuesday evening at 6 pm. Thats 5/17/11 @ 6 PM. Copy and

paste this link to go direct to the chat page:!__care-giver-support-chat

We hope to see you there!!


Hello to everyone from the AAEC team…

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in having an Elder Law attorney present in chat to answer any questions you may have as well as cover the basics concerning Power of Attorney,Living Will’s,Health Care Agents and Trusts.We are speaking with several Elder Law attorneys at the moment to try and make this a reality so if this is something you would like to have happen in the coming weeks,please visit                                                                                             and leave us a message.

Thanks 🙂

The website is coming along great,and we are still adding new content daily but we are in desperate need of stuff for our classifieds so…if you are a caregiver in need of work,someone who needs a caregiver or if you have anything you’d like to buy or sell(wheelchairs,hospital beds..anything to do with elder care) then please visit us at and post an ad in our classifieds.                                                                                            Thanks 🙂

Finally online!!

Hello everyone.

Our website is finally online!!

We are adding new content daily and will be for quite some time but please feel free to come check us out.

We have state by state listings of elder care resources,products tailored for elder care,classifieds,veiwer submissions and my personal favorite…caregiver support chat!!Oh,and lots more too.

So stop by and let us know what you think.

We are moving!!!

We are in the process of developing a website which will feature more information,interaction and many new features so please keep checking back as we will post the link soon.

Thanks for your patience 🙂