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Living with Dementia

This blog is in response to a request made by Catfromhell.I hope you find the information useful and if you have any further questions,please do not hesitate to ask.

As we age we can expect to slow down both physically and mentally,but there  is a difference between normal aging and Dementia.

Dementia ia a progressive and degenerative brain disorder that affects memory and cognitive abilities.

Although the  symptoms of dementia do progress slowly,over time patients will become unable to care for themselves and will need to be supervised at all times.

Some of the symptoms of dementia are as follows:

Difficulty in perfoming more than one task at a time,solving problems,or performing routine tasks such as balancing a checkbook,learning new information or routines.

Forgetting recent events,misplacing items,becoming lost on familiar routes,forgetting events in your life history,losing sense of self.

Personality changes,losing interest in previously enjoyable activities,loss of social skills,poor judgement.

Changes in sleep patterns,speaking in confusing sentences,difficulty reading and writing.

Becoming depressed,violent,agitated,hallucinating.

Unable to understand language,feed,dress,or bathe oneself.No longer recognizes family and friends.

Dementia can be diagonosed by a skilled health care professional who will run a battery of tests to rule out any other underlying causes for the symptoms and determine that it is, in fact, dementia.

While there is no cure for dementia,there are medications that may slow the progression of the symptoms so if you suspect that a loved one may be exhibiting signs of dementia,please see a health care professional.